At Casa del Salotto e dell'Arredamento, we offer our experience and competence in order to provide personalised and well-rounded design projects of interior spaces, meeting each costumer’s needs.

From the starting project, we accompany our clients throughout the whole furnishing process, providing customised upholstery and woodwork as well. We help them choose the suitable materials for every room, taking into account our costumers' personal taste.

We give a particular attention to the delicate phases of delivery and assembling, which are handled by our internal staff with the outmost care and precision.

Least but not last is our qualified, prompt and efficient after-sales service.

Financial Services

We collaborate with renowned consumer credit companies, thus facilitating our costumers in the payments. According to each client's financial necessities, we make accurate evaluations in order to offer them the types of payment by instalments that may best suit them.

Interior Design

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